This connection is a transclusion that is the same content in two places. It is not a link. It is not represented by link structures. It is differently found. [...]

We see as we step through the connections on this page that the other documents swarf into position — it's swoop plus morph — and the connections become exactly readable. So one connection at a time we can follow what the connections actually mean, even though we are in a huge conglomerate of many different connections. [...]

This same structure can be used to represent any mix of audio, video, and text so that you can use this type of link — or flink as we call it, floating link — for in and out points on audio and video. You can edit in-place and create arbitrarily rich, transclusive structures [...] See, this to me is a real representation in depth of literature as it should always have been and anything less is a compromise with tradition and shallowness.